HELIVIDEO provides unlimited recording and photographing possibilities from the air using remote controlled drones. Using video link we can monitor on the ground what camera on the aircraft is recording and we can:

  • shoot from the air just a few minutes after arriving at location;
  • position our camera at any angle;
  • fly and record where traditional aircrafts can not fly;
  • view live video on the ground directly during the flight;
  • deliver video and photographs immediately after landing.


The advantages of using a remote-controlled aircrafts:

  • very small surface is needed for take-off and landing
  • low-altitude flight in urban areas is possible, in enclosed spaces, through obstacles etc.
  • more silent and safer to fly near people or buildings
  • quick to deploy and very affordable


Helivideo is the ideal solution for:

  • film industry
  • marketing agencies
  • music videos
  • sports and music events
  • promotion of tourism locations
  • industrial and building inspection